Victor shares his experience of a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit:


I'd like to testify about the spiritual encounter I felt during the Equip 2018. 


As a brief background, I was baptized by the Holy Spirit at a pretty young age - 12. Since then, speaking in other tongues has come at different times of my life. Sometimes these were genuine experiences where I felt the Holy Spirit, but at other times, I was perhaps just trying to look “spiritual.”


Since I moved to the UAE in December 2016, I hadn’t really felt the Holy Spirit, in the way that I did at the Equip. 


On the Thursday evening, the first day of the Equip, I lost myself! I felt a strong spiritual restructuring in my life. I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me again, in other tongues. I felt like I could understand Him, and I kept hearing things and speaking things - which I somehow could understand, even though it wasn't English.

This wasn't the first time I had felt something like that, but it definitely felt fresh. Even though I was busy serving in the Welcome Team, the Holy Spirit still met me! I wondered how much more could others feel, who were fully focused during the sessions. 


I'd like to encourage us all, that even when the encounter isn’t so physical or obvious to others, God does things all the time worth sharing. I'm grateful to God for this life, and during Equip, He reaffirmed my relationship with Him!



During the second day of the UAE Equip, Alberti received a vision from the Lord. She shares her testimony… 

This morning during worship I received a vision straight from God. It was different from other visions I had received before. Usually I would see a picture and hesitate whether it was really from God, or if I just made it up myself. This time it was like a movie that played off in a matter of seconds, and it was crystal clear. 


I saw women working in a field of wheat. They were working hard, sweat rolling down their red faces, carrying things from place to place. Some were bent over as they were working with one hand on their backs because of the pain. 

The fields were perfect for the harvest! But these women were not harvesting! They were busy pulling out weeds that sprung up around the fields. They were so focused on pulling out the weeds that they did not realise that the fields were ripe and ready for the harvest. 


In the distance was a tractor and plough, as well as some other farming tools that I do not know. The tractor was rusty, and I could see that none of the tools had been used in a very, very long time. 


Why were the women so busy struggling with the weeds around them while they had the perfect tools available right there in front of them to harvest the fields?!


God said to me that He has given all the tools for me to harvest the fields! The fields are ripe and ready. I have to look up! I need to stop trying to fix the little troubles and worries around me and do His work! I need to recognise the gifts and tools that He has already provided. They are right in front of me, already rusty as He gave them to me a long time ago, but I have never used them! God is telling me to step out, get into the tractor and follow the calling He has for me!  


Praise God for this amazing Equip weekend. All honor and glory to God as He is busy working and touching hearts.

If you were impacted through the Equip, received healing, or have a prophetic word on your heart, please consider sharing your testimony to be a blessing to others.